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Marketing Tips


16 SMART Email Subject Lines For Cloud Accountants

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An effective email subject line will directly influence the success of any email marketing  campaign for Accountants. Similar to a gatekeeper preventing you from getting through to the decision maker,…

crm for accountants

Accountants use CRM to increase marketing productivity. 3 tips to improving that productivity.

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Accountants CRM: Greater returns come from more bespoke to fewer people. Personalised and familiar content received from you by your clients has a positive impact on cognitive (an individual’s beliefs…


Email Marketing For Accountants: What To Measure When your Email Marketing Isn’t Generating The Results You Want

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Email marketing still delivers the best ROI across the board. And email marketing for accountants is no different. But what is happening when you click send? Do you reap the…


Measuring The Impact Of Business Development Training For Accountants

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Why should Accountants measure the effect of business development training? To support implementation and ensure sustained deployment To ensure return on investment and make the business case To constantly improve…


8 Pay Per Click (ppc) Advertising Tips For Online Accountants

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Having a well refined P.P.C. campaign can be gold dust for your practice. If you are just getting started or looking to increase the ROI of your campaigns then consider these 7 pay per click tips for accountants.

Practice Technology


Why Cloud Accounting Apps Are Magic For Your e-commerce Business Clients Seeking Marginal Gains

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There has never been a better time to start an e-commerce business which means that quick to the mark Cloud Accountants are targeting and winning clients in a a healthy…


Cryptocurrencies: Why the tax situation can’t be ignored

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been a hot topic of late. With Bitcoin ATMs appearing in convenience stores, and an increasing number of business accepting cryptocurrency as acceptable…


Online Tools For Accountants

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There are 5 tools that almost all the Accountants that we speak to are using to digitalise their Accountancy practice. If you are not using at least 3 of these…


How To Turn Offline Receipts Into Online Data In A Few Simple Steps

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When migrating your Accountancy practice to the cloud, eliminating your clients offline processes is going to be an essential part of the plan.

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Xero Discount Codes For UK and Ireland

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Get the latest XERO Discount codes and find free trials, 50% off sign ups and more.

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