8 Pay Per Click (ppc) Advertising Tips For Online Accountants

By 31st July 2017 Marketing Tips

Having a well refined P.P.C. campaign can be gold dust for your practice. If you are just getting started or looking to increase the ROI of your campaigns then consider these 7 pay per click tips for accountants.

#1. Define your audience and be specific with your message

Gone are the days where you can expect a high ROI from targeting generic phrases such as ‘Accountants in your location’. Extensive research shows you are far better targeting a specific audience and directing the traffic to a specific page on your website that talks directly  to that market.

For example you could;

  1. Target people searching for accountants who are  online retailers’
  2. Create an advert with the headline ‘7 Tax saving strategies for online retailers’
  3. Direct the traffic to a specific page on your website that gives them advice on tax saving strategies.

Do not make the fatal mistake of simply sending traffic to your home page of your website. You may get clicks but the likelihood of winning a new customer will be minimal.


#2. Turn the click in to a customer.

To increase the conversion ratio of your campaign you have to focus on how to turn the click in to a customer. Do not just leave it for a website visitor to navigate to the contact us page on your website or pick up the telephone and call you. You need to guide them to do what YOU  want them to do. This is best achieved by Including a clear call to action within the published content. An email opt inform offering further reading on the topic works best and can also be used to build your marketing database. Make sure to also publish the name, phone number and email address of the best person to speak to in your practice in that sector.


#3. Take Advantage of Ad Scheduling

As you are selling professional services, make sure to only schedule ads to run in working hours and on weekdays. Generally  people who search on weekends or in the evening will be smaller potential clients thus directly affecting your ROI.

Also consider key scenarios such as Monday mornings people are generally clearing out their inbox, catching up with colleagues or preparing for the week ahead. Likewise on a Friday afternoon people are often focusing on the weekend.


#4.Increase ROI with  Re-marketing

Re-marketing is a very effective way to reconnect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate inquiry. The more time a potential client is exposed to your brand the more likely they will become a client.

You can re-target people that visit your website or even better upload your data set to some platforms and specifically target the people already in your pipeline.

For example you could re-target all the people that you have sent proposals to and are waiting for them to plan that second, third or fourth  meeting. By advertising to these people specifically you will influence their purchasing decision in a positive way, remind them of your brand and depending on your ad copy  reassure them that your firm is right for them.

Try ads like;

“5 reasons why ‘Your Firm’s name’ is the best choice for online retailers.


“Case study on how ‘Your Firm’s name’ helped an online retailer save X amount of tax in one year’


#5. Use Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are various customer search queries that you don’t want your business to be found for.Words like free, jobs, salary  are obviously ones that you want to exclude unless you are running a campaign for a free webinar, looking to recruit or writing a thought piece on cloud accountant for eCommerce ‘salaries’…


#6. Start small and scale up

One of the greatest things about PPC is that you can run multiple ads with a low budget and compare which one is the most effective and then simply scale up. You are an accountant after all so focusing on split testing different advert copy or different messages to different markets is paramount before you increase your budget and send those leads to your sales team.


#7.Try Facebook and LinkedIn

Yes your potential clients are on Facebook and most definitely on LinkedIn. Both platforms offer excellent targeting features that allows you to create a very specific advert  and get it only shown to the exact demographic that you require.

Click here to download our Facebook ad guide for online accountants targeting e-commerce clients if you have not already done so.


#8. Don’t set and forget

Constantly monitor, test, revise and refine your campaign. Add new keywords, (both positive and negative) split test copy, try different offers and call to actions. Stay on top of the metrics and make the most of your advertising budget.

If you need help setting up a campaign or would like to talk to us for some advice then please call 01392 247207 or email guy@cloudaccountant.today


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