How to be XERO certified

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A whole new world opens up to your accounting practice when you pass the XERO Certification test.

And the best thing is it’s easy to get xero certified by completing a series of self paced, video based online training. You need to have completed the XERO Essentials course and be a partner already. This may sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t.

Once you have completed XERO essentials you simply apply to be certified.

Click here for XERO Essentials

It’s that simple.

And remember before you start your online course contact us to learn how we can help to build your online presence and set you up with a highly converting digital sales funnel to help find you new cloud accountancy clients.

How to be XERO certified video desciption

Accountants and bookkeepers can now learn all about Xero accounting software, and become certified, online. The training is self-paced and available any time, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. You just need to head to the training tab in My Xero for Partners and activate online training. You’ll be able to see the progress you’ve made on current courses, other courses available to you and any training you have completed. Watch this video tutorial to learn more about the process!

Xero is beautiful accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. See your cashflow in real-time with online accounting, invoicing, payroll, billing & banking. Just login and see the difference. Sign up for a free trial at

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New Case Study – 3 Simple Steps To Search Engine Domination For Cloud Accountants

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If you are currently marketing your cloud accounting services and are looking for ways to dominate the search engines then this short and concise no nonsense guide is for you.

Included in the download are simplified instructions so you can understand the principals of what needs to be done and  why plus a case study so you can see exactly how we have secured multiple top spots in google for a lead generating phrase that is perfectly suited to our client base. (You!)

We have purposely kept this guide short, concise and give real life examples so you can easily digest this without a degree in SEO.

Click Here to Download The Guide Now


Click Here to Download The Guide Now

3 Amazing Website Themes For Cloud Accountants

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In this day and age there is no need to redesign the wheel when you want to build an amazing  website for your amazing cloud accounting practice.

Simply install WordPress which is a free universal website platform and then install a theme to brand as your own.

If you are looking to have a website built for your business then drop us a line on 01392 247207 or email contact us here but in the mean time check out these amazing templates that wont break the bank.

Accounting – WP Business theme for Accountants. Click here to see this theme live


The all new Accounting theme is a WordPress business theme. Perfectly suited for your Accounting, business, consulting or financial company. Bring your clients closer to you! With Visual composer, revolution slider, multi-language ready and advanced admin panel it can be used for any kind of business but and with excellent support you cannot go wrong.

There are even 6 preloaded and pre coded styles to get you up and running in no times.


Building your themes will be a breeze, give it a go!

Adviser | Finance & Accounting WordPress Theme. Click here to see this theme live


For those financial companies who wish to establish reputation of trust with their clients, we crafted Adviser WordPress Theme based on clean business design that will perfecftly match their brand. The theme is perfect for firms who provide financial, investment, tax-related or legal help. The layout offers comprehensive staff presentation and full service description. Along with that, we have build a recruitment page containing latest hiring announcements, where potential employees may send their applications right away. And for your clients’ comfort, we’ve integrated lease calculator they can use before making an appointment.


WooCommerce ready, full shortcodes and widgets pack, numbers of plugins compatibility – the comfortable and user-friendly functionality will be appreciated not only by the website’s visitors, but also by the company’s owners, since the business operation becomes so much easier with Adviser!


Partner – Accounting and Law Responsive WordPress Theme. Click here to see this theme live


Partner is perfect for professional services and consulting businesses to elevate their online presence.

Ideal for law firm and accounting practice websites, Partner strikes a the balance between personality and professionality.

Packed with an array of colour schemes, font options, icon packs and layouts, Partner makes it quick and easy to build a professional site that fits your brand.


Of course, Partner includes Visual Composer, allowing you to quickly and simply assemble pages and edit content to shave hours off the development time of your next project – without sacrificing code cleanliness and readability.

Partner suits any consultancy firm, from a full-size legal practice to a single lawyer, financial firms specialising in tax, accounting, high finance and capital investment. Human Resources (HR) companies and recruitment agencies will also fit right into Partner’s friendly, professional style.

If its time to revamp your current cloud accounting website with a pure focus of lead generation then make sure to contact us today to learn more on 01302 247 207 or email us at

Cloudly: Marketing For Cloud Accountants

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Introducing the end to end process for marketing for Cloud Accountants.

There are many routes to market to win new accountancy clients for your practice however only one route has consistently and continually proven to work time and time again.

Click here to learn the entire process.

After 18 years of solid testing and complex refining the following process when done well will get your Cloud Accounting service in front of the right people in the right way by leveraging a simple end to end solution that starts with Data and ends with Leads.

When you combine all the key ingredients of modern marketing methods in a well structured and thought out process that includes Data, Content, Email, Tele and Social media marketing your brand will get noticed, you will become a sector specialist and you can leverage it all to generate ongoing, quality  appointments.

Click here to learn more about Cloudly

3 Campaign Ideas For Cloud Accountants And How To Win Them As Clients

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1) Digital Product Vendors


Selling your services to already tech savvy prospects will be far easier to win as new cloud accounting clients than traditional offline businesses who do not have a current need.

Digital vendors already have a pressing desire and an existing pain point  to over come accounting issues such as VAT MOSS and processing the  larger volumes of transactions that occur daily  in an efficient way.

Source them via sites like Munch Eye, JVZoo and other digital payment gateways and direct them to a landing page offering sound advice on solving their VAT Moss pains.

We have been there ourselves and they most certainly need help.

2) Ebay, Amazon and Etsy Sellers


There is a sharp rise of small one man bands who have hit the jackpot with a pipeline of regular sales online who have been caught off guard with their books.

Building a database of Ebay, Amazon and Etsy Sellers  sellers in your country of residence could deliver you an endless list of targeted prospects hungry for your cloud accounting services.

Direct them to a landing page offering 5 top xero add ons that can help with their inventory and book keeping like xero add ons such as @tradegecko @TidyStock, @TradevineTeam

3) Online Training Coaches


Online training is becoming one of the fastest rising markets on the internet. Now coaches can deliver quality training and resources to their pupils 24 hours a day 7 days a week and their businesses are exploding.

Try to source clients via Udemy, send them to a landing page and offer them support on continuity programs and set up.

Click here to learn more on how we can help with marketing for cloud accounting practices.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Platform For Cloud Accountants

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If you are looking to win new clients for your Cloud Accounting services then you need to do 3 things.

  1. Talk to us,
  2. Create an account with LeadPages,
  3.  Send us your log in details for LeadPages and we will handle the rest,

Leadpages generates  the essential lead generation  pages that you need to increase your inbound leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media to grow your cloud accounting practice.

It allows you to quickly and easily create multiple pages for the multiple  sectors you want to target when promoting your cloud accounting services.

If you are not yet doing sector specific targeting and leveraging lead generation pages for them then you are missing out on the greatest opportunity that the internet has given you to develop your business online.

The process would work a little like this;

1) Identify your sector specialism and most suitable client – 

2) Create a 2-3 page PDF that provides something of great value to your suitable clients 

3) Create a Landing page using leadpages on your website that offers the pdf to be downloaded in return for their email address

4) Email, Tweet, blog, share, promote the landing page online to a database of pre identified  suitable prospects

5) Call any one who downloads the content to introduce yourself personally and sell your services too.

It works and it works well and LeadPages is one of the driving forces behind the process.

Make sure to visit LeadPages




6 Great Content Ideas For Cloud Accountants

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Here are 6 great top level content concepts that Cloud Accountants should be creating content for.

#1 Benchmark Reports

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies. Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost. In the process of best practice benchmarking, management identifies the best firms in their industry, or in another industry where similar processes exist, and compares the results and processes of those studied (the “targets”) to one’s own results and processes. In this way, they learn how well the targets perform and, more importantly, the business processes that explain why these firms are successful.

Decide on your sector and publish essential key figures that your target market will want to read


#2 Create a Top Ten List

People love reading lists, they spread like wildfire around the internet and they are very quick to do.

Create a top ten list of your favorite XERO plugins, Cloud solutions, SaaS or even tax laws that your clients should know about.


#3 Interview Industry Experts

You can can send people simple questions to answer via email, do the interview over skype and create a video or even do an online webinar. Different markets will engage with different media. Not only will you set yourself up as the cloud accounting specialist in your niche but its a great way for added publicity for your website or blog.


#4 Write a Detailed Product Review

What cloud services do you offer, what do you know about them. By creating content on a particular piece of tech may score you easy clients by looking for information for a problem they have.


#5 Add your Slant to Industry News

Commenting on any main stream news offers the potential of 10000’s of extra hits to your website in days. It is a strategy that works and works well. Think Huffington post. Ask your self what is happening in the specific sectors you service, how does this effect your potential clients and make recommendations accordingly.


#6 Create a Checklist

People love simple and well refined checklists to help organise their day to day. Perhaps create a downloadable checklist of sensible accounting procedures for typical activities. Onboarding new clients, VAT returns, Annual overview etc What do they need to do and why.


In all cases wherever possible make sure to push out links on social platforms to your content and create a call to action to the bottom of very post you need to a offer your readers essential information that will benefit their business.


In our case here is ours – Make sure to now read ‘How To Generate New Business For Your Cloud Accounting Service’