3 Essential XERO Add Ons For Cloud Accountants

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Xero integrates with hundreds of add-on business applications so that you can easily sync and streamline your clients data, but with so many available apps where do you start?

Here are 3 of the top rated accounting apps in the xero Add on market place that you should absolutely check out.



1) Fathom
Manage and analyise your clients business performance with Fathom



Fathom is an easy to use management reporting and financial analysis tool, which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.Get instant business intelligence with insightful reports that help you assess performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. Includes KPIs, benchmarking and consolidations



2) Entryless
Entryless extracts bill items and syncs bill entries into Xero that can save cloud accountants hours

Close your clients books faster with digital general ledger entries from your bills Automatic expense tagging. Get up to 300 bills every month forever free.





3) Chaser
Improve your clients cashflow with award-winning CHASER credit control for Xero

Intelligent automatic debtor chasing with a human touch. Credit control emails that get your invoices paid. Xero Add-on Partner of the Year 2016.

Create Spot On Performance Reports With Spotlight Reporting

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Spotlight Reporting is software for Xero users that helps cloud accountant bases advisors manage KPIs, analytics forecasting and performance reporting for their clients.

You can pull in over 100 reports and data-grabs from not only Xero but also QuickBooks Online  creating a broad range of accrual, budget and cash analysis.

Spotlight  also integrates with WorkflowMax and Google Analytics, plus  their  Customisable  Data Grid allows you to add non-financial and KPI data for a complete view of performance to allow you to become a VCFO power house.

Creating customised reports is easy and  you can  quickly generate PDF, email and online viewing options to share with your cloud accounting allowing you to work on your business and not in your business.

Make sure to try the free trial for Spotlight Reporting to see how it works for your business.


6 Great Content Ideas For Cloud Accountants

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Here are 6 great top level content concepts that Cloud Accountants should be creating content for.

#1 Benchmark Reports

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies. Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost. In the process of best practice benchmarking, management identifies the best firms in their industry, or in another industry where similar processes exist, and compares the results and processes of those studied (the “targets”) to one’s own results and processes. In this way, they learn how well the targets perform and, more importantly, the business processes that explain why these firms are successful.

Decide on your sector and publish essential key figures that your target market will want to read


#2 Create a Top Ten List

People love reading lists, they spread like wildfire around the internet and they are very quick to do.

Create a top ten list of your favorite XERO plugins, Cloud solutions, SaaS or even tax laws that your clients should know about.


#3 Interview Industry Experts

You can can send people simple questions to answer via email, do the interview over skype and create a video or even do an online webinar. Different markets will engage with different media. Not only will you set yourself up as the cloud accounting specialist in your niche but its a great way for added publicity for your website or blog.


#4 Write a Detailed Product Review

What cloud services do you offer, what do you know about them. By creating content on a particular piece of tech may score you easy clients by looking for information for a problem they have.


#5 Add your Slant to Industry News

Commenting on any main stream news offers the potential of 10000’s of extra hits to your website in days. It is a strategy that works and works well. Think Huffington post. Ask your self what is happening in the specific sectors you service, how does this effect your potential clients and make recommendations accordingly.


#6 Create a Checklist

People love simple and well refined checklists to help organise their day to day. Perhaps create a downloadable checklist of sensible accounting procedures for typical activities. Onboarding new clients, VAT returns, Annual overview etc What do they need to do and why.


In all cases wherever possible make sure to push out links on social platforms to your content and create a call to action to the bottom of very post you need to a offer your readers essential information that will benefit their business.


In our case here is ours – Make sure to now read ‘How To Generate New Business For Your Cloud Accounting Service’