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Refined from a process that has generated over 80,000 leads for Accountants since its creation

The Proven Process

After 18 years of solid testing and complex refining the following process when done well will get your Cloud Accounting service in front of the right people in the right way by leveraging a simple end to end solution that starts with Data and ends with Leads.

marketing for cloud accountants

Learn How

When you combine all the key ingredients of modern marketing methods in a well structured and thought out process that includes Data, Content, Email, Tele and Social media marketing your brand will get noticed, you will become a sector specialist and you can leverage it all to generate ongoing, quality  appointments.

Stage1: Identify Your Ideal Client

The key for success for any campaign is firstly to  identify the best types of clients that you would like to win new business from.

The most effective way to do this is to focus on sector specific businesses  that match your suitable criteria. Once  this has been identified we will collate an accurate and verified database of the correct decision makers within suitable companies to target.


Stage 2: Become Their Expert

Getting noticed and being an expert is getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

Once the database is built we will help position the perfect message into a suitable format to engage the database with.

Taking this approach not only guarantees your brand to get noticed and to set you up as a leading expert in their field but it can also be used as a conversation starter for any follow up marketing. It works, and it works well.

All of the content we create is digital so it can be downloaded, sent or shared online effectively and efficiently to anyone anywhere at anytime.

Engagement Monitoring

Once your digital download has been created we will create you a Lead Generation Page for you that makes your message available for download. By creating a Lead Generation Page, you can easily deliver your message automatically and get notified instantly of anyone that downloads it.


Stage 3: Digital Communication

We will then contact your database via email to promote your content. It’s the fastest and most effective way to gain the first touch point with your audience and ignites any marketing campaign.

Email still outperforms all other channels when it comes to getting your messages out there. However we don’t just rely on one email, we will send 3 emails over one month to the database to make sure your message gets seen.


Stage 4: Lead Generation

Timely and well formulated follow up calling is the number one way of setting a warm lead into a face to face appointment.

Contacting people who show an interest in your service and making appointments for you to meet them where appropriate.

We can either engage Chartered Developments to do the follow up calling with their high caliber calling team or provide you with a graded prospect sheet for you to call.

Stage 5: Social Content Creation

Don’t just stop at email. We will create you content for you to publish socially and drive traffic to your landing page for added results.
We will provide you with the right tools to aid your blogging, tweeting and LinkedIn activity including info graphics, videos, beautiful imagery and more.