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The 3 P’s of Succeeding in the Cloud for Accountants

Chandra Bhansali Co-Founder and President of AccountantsWorld examines the 3 P’s of succeeding on the cloud for Accountants. Chandra has been serving the accounting profession for the past 27 years and  is recognized throughout the accounting industry as the pioneer in developing cloud technology for accountants. In his article he examines 3 essential factors to consider to grow your practice and the immediate impacts they can have for an accounting firm.

Accountants are always committed to looking out for their clients’ financial health and security. However, with so many clients using generic DIY accounting solutions, some accountants spend much of their day fixing client errors, doing data re-entry, and managing multiple versions of software – menial tasks that leave little time for them to go the extra mile for their clients.

Cloud-based technology allows accountants to take back their profession and become more proactive. While a large majority of accountants want to migrate to the cloud, many have apprehensions about the potential risks associated with cloud adoption.

Many accountants also lack awareness of the tremendous benefits the cloud offers to them. A straightforward way to understand these benefits, and the immediate impacts they can have for an accounting firm, is through the three Ps (Product, Process, and Proactivity):

Product, Process, and Proactivity

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