GDPR Data Protection for Cloud Accountants Warning

Shockingly, according to a new study by Netskope over 75% of cloud apps in the EU lack key capabilities to ensure compliance under the new GDPR Data protection

Netskope tracked 22,000 cloud apps in use in the EU by giving them a rating between 1 and 100 in terms of GDPR readiness.

  • Just under 28% of cloud apps were deemed unready.
  • Half (48%) were scored as somewhat ready.
  • Only 25% were deemed ready.

If you are concerence about GDPR Data protection then make sure to Act-Now to plan and prepare for the impending change.


THE GDPR dat protection ruiling  will affect you if  you store any data on any of your clients or prospects in any form, you do any kind of outbound marketing activity and if your business resides in and or you market your services to Europe.


Act – now xplains the situation you face and covers;

  1. What has happened and why is there change?
  2. The risk to your business
  3. What to expect
  4. What you need to do with your legacy data
  5. What you can start doing now to prepare for the potential changes
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