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Gareth Price – Cloudworx SA


The accounting world has been revolutionised by the Internet and Cloudworx SA sit at the forefront of driving Cloud-based Accounting solutions around the world.

Founded in 2012, their goal has always been clear and consistent: Make accounting simple, accurate and accessible for their impressive portfolio of happy clients. With 30 global clients, operating in 12 countries on 4 different continents Cloudworx SA are a driving force and a key player in cloud accounting services.

Gareth Price, founder of Cloudworx qualified as a CA in 2012 and immediately left the confines of the auditing profession to pursue something more exciting. That turned out to be an opportunity to be a the forefront of the Cloud Accounting revolution and he has grabbed it with both hands. Gareth prides himself on being able to find an innovative and effective solution to any situation.

An accomplished athlete, Gareth is a marathon runner and Ironman triathlete and can regularly be seen pounding the pavements of the southern suburbs or riding his bike around the peninsula.

When Gareth was not busy working in the clouds or running marathons we managed to catch up with him to ask him a few questions…

Tell us a little about your self

GP: Cloudworx is a South African-based company specializing in providing bookkeeping and accounting services to technologically-minded entrepreneurs.

We are a young, vibrant and dynamic firm who enjoy creating varied solutions to the accounting challenges that clients face. The cloud allows us to do this for many more people than would be the case in the old desktop world.

Which Cloud Accountancy Packages do you use and why?

GP: We use Xero as we have found it to be the most user-friendly and accessible of all the cloud-accounting apps in the marketplace.

We also have partnerships with Unleashed, Dear, Workflowmax, Receiptbank, Vend and Crunchboards. These apps allow us to tailor make solutions to almost any company’s needs.

Why and when did you decide to become a Cloud Accounting specialist?

GP: Cloudworx was started just over 4 years ago, just as the cloud revolution was beginning to awaken. Being from a generation that has grown up with computers and the internet it was immediately apparent that this was the way of the future and would be much more efficient than old desktop software.

What was more exciting was the knowledge that many young entrepreneurs who would be starting businesses in the future would love the idea and it seemed like a great way to get in on the ground floor with people who could be shaping the world we live in in 10 and 20 years time.

What key benefits do you consider that Cloud Accounting offers your clients?

GP: Quite simply, cloud accounting is about convenience, flexibility and speed. It gives clients the ability to work from wherever they are and makes it simple and easy to do so.

Quite simply, nobody makes money doing their own accounting – managing stock, debtors and creditors is vital to a business but it is time consuming. That time could be better spent doing what it is you do well.

The cloud has made it easier for businesses to do what they need to do quicker and easier than in the past, and made it possible for their accountant to interact with them in real time meaning that advice can be given timeously and decisions made quickly.

What sector specialisms do you have?

GP: None – we have experience in a variety of fields

What specialist services do you offer your clients?

GP: We don’t do complicated tax advice. We don’t do mergers and acquisitions. We help you run the accounting side of your business. That is what we specialize in.

Client Testimonial

“Thanks Cloud Worx for great solutions – I used to spend 3-4 days monthly to process over 250 invoices a month. The introduction to Xero and vend has completely streamlined my business and accounts. I now spend 1/2 day a month and it has allowed my business to grow to 4x the size in the space of 1.5 years.” Kent Horner – My Training Day 

“Xero has been a great financial tool for our business. Having a system where we can invoice, record all our purchase orders and have an analysis of our financial reports, especially the aged receivables and aged payables is most important to us. Having clear indications as to how we are doing on a daily and weekly basis is indeed an asset and a must have for any business. Xero provides all of this and more.” CANDICE LAKEY, ANCHOR FOAM AND RUBBER CC

“Xero has changed how I view accounting and bookkeeping. Important financial information is available on a daily basis, at the click of a button.” MERLE O’RYAN, TOPDECK WATERPROOFING

“Xero is very user friendly and uncomplicated especially for somebody like myself who is not an accountant! I love the fact that I can work on it anytime and from anywhere.” SUE SCOTT, CYBERFIBRE DÉCOR MARKETING

If you want to get in touch with Gareth make sure to visit  www.cloudworxsa.com and to learn  more about his cloud accounting services visit here