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3 Campaign Ideas For Cloud Accountants And How To Win Them As Clients

1) Digital Product Vendors


Selling your services to already tech savvy prospects will be far easier to win as new cloud accounting clients than traditional offline businesses who do not have a current need.

Digital vendors already have a pressing desire and an existing pain point  to over come accounting issues such as VAT MOSS and processing the  larger volumes of transactions that occur daily  in an efficient way.

Source them via sites like Munch Eye, JVZoo and other digital payment gateways and direct them to a landing page offering sound advice on solving their VAT Moss pains.

We have been there ourselves and they most certainly need help.

2) Ebay, Amazon and Etsy Sellers


There is a sharp rise of small one man bands who have hit the jackpot with a pipeline of regular sales online who have been caught off guard with their books.

Building a database of Ebay, Amazon and Etsy Sellers  sellers in your country of residence could deliver you an endless list of targeted prospects hungry for your cloud accounting services.

Direct them to a landing page offering 5 top xero add ons that can help with their inventory and book keeping like xero add ons such as @tradegecko @TidyStock, @TradevineTeam

3) Online Training Coaches


Online training is becoming one of the fastest rising markets on the internet. Now coaches can deliver quality training and resources to their pupils 24 hours a day 7 days a week and their businesses are exploding.

Try to source clients via Udemy, send them to a landing page and offer them support on continuity programs and set up.

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