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A Fresh Approach To Book Keeping With Fresh Financials

A new breed of cloud-based bookkeepers

Fresh Financials are an exciting new breed of Cloud based book keepers that offer a wide range of professional book keeping services for companies that leverage cloud accounting software. Just like the menu at your favorite restaurant, their list of services is compiled of the freshest ingredients. And like with any great chef,  you can pick and choose the ingredients that you prefer to create a tailor-made back end book keeping service to help streamline your accounting needs.

We caught up with Emma to ask her a few questions;

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

FF: I’ve worked in the bookkeeping industry for over 20 years, and decided to make the move to cloud accounting in 2012. We completely re-branded and changed the business concept at the beginning of 2014 and we have not looked back since.  We offer real time bookkeeping and financials analysis.  We work very closely with all our clients and use all the best tools available to offer an outstanding service – just ask our clients

Which Cloud Accountancy Packages do you use and why?

FF: We use Xero. Having been a Quickbooks desktop user previously, I trialed several of the online software packages available. As Xero was designed for purpose rather than being adapted from a desktop version, it became clear that it was the perfect choice for us. We made the decision to become 100% Xero and to become experts in one software. We now offer Xero training as a standalone service; we train everyone from business owners to in-house accounting staff.

Why and when did you decide to become a Cloud Accounting specialist?

FF:I decided in 2012. When I used desktop software, I was limited to the number of clients I could work with and collaborate with.  I knew that there had to be a better way of working.  We can now work from anywhere on any device – securely. Client collaboration is very important to us, so now our clients can rest assured that their accounting software is up to date at whatever time they want to look at their information.

What key benefits do you consider that Cloud Accounting offers your clients?

FF: Complete piece of mind and full understanding of their current financial position; they don’t have to wait until quarter or year end to understand how their business WAS doing – now they know how it IS doing. We use real time information to work on budgets, scenarios and constantly update cashflow forecasts. It is powerful information that every business should have and needs.

What sector specialisms do you have?

FF: We are not industry specific – although we currently target pubs, using a great mix of Add-ons with Xero. Our passion is working with clients who want to work the way we work. They enter into an agreement with us as much as we do with them – there are expectations on both sides.

What specialist services do you offer your clients?

FF: Real Time Bookkeeping – We reconcile bank statements every day and everything else updates itself in real time.  We offer far more than bookkeeping; we have developed our own Health Check offering, so if a business is unsure of the state of their Xero account we can use our expertise in the software to deep dive into their account, find any mistakes or discrepancies and work with them to fix them. Training and Xero support is a big part of our services also.

Client Testimonials

We changed over to the Xero accountancy program hosted by Fresh Financials 18 months ago and what a difference it has made to our business and bookkeeping. We had used Quickbooks for over 10 years and it wasn’t until we moved to Xero, that we realised how streamline and effective the program is.

I now spend half the time on accounts, and everything is so much easier. Having the support of Fresh Financials not only gives me added confidence with the more complicated aspects of bookkeeping, but means that they can be in control of certain tasks. Having someone to help and advise me with any questions I may have on a daily basis has really helped.

Overall we’ve dramatically improved our bookkeeping and day to day management of the business. This not only saves me a lot of time but everything now runs smoothly and life is a lot easier.
Verity Sowden – Cross Country Magazine


I wanted an outsourced bookkeeping service and a cloud-based accounts system so we could both easily log in to the system from our own offices (or elsewhere at any time). Xero is a great solution and Emma and her team are brilliant at managing and delivering everything I need (bookkeeping, VAT, budgets, payroll, cashflow and more.)

Emma is very experienced with Xero, does everything on-time and offers pro-active advice and ongoing support as my business grows.

I love the fact that I am always getting access to new apps that integrate with Xero to speed up other processes too – like expenses and holiday requests. Perfect. Highly recommended.
Emma Pearce – Pearce Marketing Consultants Limited


If you want to get in touch with Emma then email  clients@freshfinancials.com, visit the website www.freshfinancials.com or call direct on 01323 700111.