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5 reasons why Online Accountants should target e-commerce clients

Be a specialist

Let’s just draw a line and move on. The days where your marketing can say:

“I’m an accountant I can be an accountant for all businesses” have GONE.

I know you can be an accountant for most types of businesses, after all 1+1=2 wherever you are. That’s not the point, the point is what does the client think. The powerbase has moved from professional to client and the younger clients believe they are very special indeed and want specialists to support them. You will flatter them by showing them you are a specialist in accountancy for e-commerce businesses.


#1. Growing market

Hooking on to the shirt tails of a market that is outgrowing our flat lining economy, ensures organic growth even before you outperform your competitors.

The rise in the rate of growth of ecommerce is falling, however the UK is still showing 7%-10% growth in online business. The fall in the rate of growth is inevitable and really just a consequence of the size of the market, estimated at about €180billion for 2017.


#2. High margins

Owners of smaller e-commerce businesses are far less worried about location and face to face. In effect they are happy to deal with you remotely and online. You are just like them!

They are content for you to be virtual, use outsourced staff, they don’t require bricks and mortar and importantly demand less of a partner’s time for menial work.

From members, we here that their ‘new’ client base all use very similar systems and process through the likes of Xero. This is improving costs of production for the accountant.

All in all an e-comms client delivers higher margin.


#3. Your value proposition

Your familiarity with the nuances of e-commerce businesses is where your value proposition lies. Xero, Freeagent, EU VAT, duties, Trading platforms, expected returns, funding and more are all aspects and nuances which, if you promote well, can become good sales messages. You might even encapsulate it in a strap line. e-commerce business do better with Rosenwald accountants

#4. Ease of service

Your new eCommerce clients won’t even have a shoebox full of receipts to wade through,  their processes and payment gateways will already be digitalised waiting for you just to log in and manage  and of course wherever they are in the UK they will be more than happy to hop on to Skype for that first meeting making htem easy clients to win, manage and successfully support.

#5. Digital revolution

I know it goes without saying that the digital revolution has allowed you to become a cloud and remote advisor. However we are only really at the start, the big AI or machine learning and integration is about to begin. As a driver it is only going to make e-comm clients more valuable and exciting.

Finally, thank you for reading, I hope it proved worthwhile. The markets we talk about are the markets we can help you reach.

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