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Email Marketing For Accountants: What To Measure When your Email Marketing Isn’t Generating The Results You Want

Email marketing still delivers the best ROI across the board. And email marketing for accountants is no different.

But what is happening when you click send?

Do you reap the anticipated rewards or do you reluctantly return to cold calling?

If it’s the latter then make sure to consider these 4 key metrics to measure and improve upon in order to help you start turning your time into profit.


#1) Deliverability

Email deliverability is a way to measure the success at which an email campaign actually gets into subscribers’ inboxes.

Just because you have a large prospect database that you are sending your emails to, does not mean that all the emails are being received by your prospects in their inbox.

To increase email deliverability make sure that your emails don’t include typical spammy words or ‘flagged words’ that are likely to get picked up by spam filters and make sure that all previous emails sent are well received by your subscribers.

Aim for a deliverability rate of at least 95%


#2 Open Rates

Open rates indicate how likely people are to want to read your emails.

By tracking the email open rates of previous campaigns, allows you to work out what types of emails your audience likes to receive so you can create better more effective campaigns in the future.

To increase your open rates use personalisation when possible.

The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1% without any personalization in 2016. (Source: Statista 2016)

And taking it one step further, by being an Accountant the chances are that the types of marketing emails that you send are going to be industry specific and therefore can be tailored to a specific market.

So instead of sending emails like;

“7 Tax Saving Strategies”

Send emails like

“Hi John, here are 7 Tax Saving Strategies for Online Store Owners”

If you do not have the option to personalise your email marketing messages then email us to show you how…

Aim for an open rate of 20%


#3 Click Through Rates

Click through rates tell you how engaging your emails are. Once you have gone through the process of increasing your deliverability and open rates of your emails you want to measure just how well your emails are sending traffic to your landing pages or websites.

If your emails are not exciting your audience and generating traffic you won’t get a high ROI.

To increase your click through rates make sure to craft the copy of the email to winning the actual click and not over selling the end goal.

This sounds trivial but still to this day most Accountants that ask us to help them improve their email marketing get it wrong.

Aim for a click through rate of 10%


#4 Unsubscribe rate
Tracking the unsubscribe ratio or often know as the ‘disengagement’ of your emails will save your database and help you tailor future messages to be more relevant and interesting to your audience.

To keep your audience engaged and your unsubscribe rate low only email good quality information that is relevant and timely.

Aim to keep you unsubscribe rate below 0.10% or it will impact your deliverability rate of future emails.

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