Marketing Tips

Accountants use CRM to increase marketing productivity. 3 tips to improving that productivity.

Accountants CRM: Greater returns come from more bespoke to fewer people.

Personalised and familiar content received from you by your clients has a positive impact on cognitive (an individual’s beliefs about reliability, dependability, and competence) and emotional trust. In other words the more relevant and personalised your content the more your prospects are going to engage with you.

The days are fast fading where you ‘bung’ everyone on a mailing list. The greater returns come from more bespoke to fewer people.

The tip for managing your Accountants CRM is to be ruthless with who goes on it and pedantic about how you categorise them.

One way to start would be to pick on one or two target markets and start to categorise the prospects appropriately. This will then allow you to market to them with specific personalised messages/emails

For Example imagine the following email.

Subject: VAT advice for online traders – Amazon – Ebay etc.

As you can imagine if you are an FD of a distribution company predominantly trading online you might find this headline rather interesting.


Opportunity tracking Facts not Hearsay

The impact of marketing spend on empirical evidence rather than hearsay can radically improve your marketing output.

Unfortunately it is true that you hear what you want to hear and the truth can be lost or distorted unless accurately recorded. Consequently many smaller accountancy firms plough inappropriate resources into their various marketing activities.

Mark the source of every lead and take action on it. For some of our clients we now have a picture of the most effective routes to market. For example accountants with specialisms in medical practices will get a great return by targeting GPs through cold calling and Dentists through digital or on-line. This level of detail is only achievable if you diligently record the source of leads.


Multi-channel approaches gain greater returns

If you take a multi-channel approach to targeting prospects you might find that once again your return improves. What I mean by this can be as follows:

  • Your target prospect is either on your CRM or you find them on LinkedIn
  • Send them a nice relevant message on LinkedIn
  • Wait for the reply or acceptance
  • Email them a thank you with a relevant point about their industry or news about them
  • Wait for the reply
  • Suggest a skype or call to introduce yourselves further


How this relates to your CRM, is that a more modern CRM such as will allow you to log a prospects LinkedIn profile on the prospects account page. You can therefore directly target your messaging out of CRM rather than back and forth with LinkedIn, Outlook, CRM etc.