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16 SMART Email Subject Lines For Cloud Accountants

An effective email subject line will directly influence the success of any email marketing  campaign for Accountants.

Similar to a gatekeeper preventing you from getting through to the decision maker, a bad subject line of an email will prevent your email from getting read. If your emails don’t get read then nothing happens.

The most effective email subject lines for accountants need to be

  • Personalised
    • Name
  • Relevant
    • Sector Specific
  • Engaging
    • Beneficial to the reader
  • Encourage readers to open the email

Here are 16 SMART subject lines that you can copy, paste, customise and send to your own marketing lists. Click here If you do not have a marketing list and would like to source one or want to learn more about our email marketing for Accountants.


#1) “Hi ##FirstName## did you know about this tax saving strategy for [Market sector]?”

Every potential client wants to save money so open up fresh dialogue by offering free tax saving advice. Focus the campaign around a targeted market sector.

E.G: Hi John, did you know about this tax saving strategy for Online retailers?


#2) ##FirstName## Everything you need to know about Making Tax Digital for [Market Sector]”

Create a step by step guide offering free advice targeting specific market sectors on what they need to do to prepare for Making Tax Digital. It’s sector specific, timely and invaluable information.


#3) “Hi ##FirstName## How much time could you save?”

The one thing money can’t buy is more time. If you are targeting businesses to offer all the benefits of your cloud accounting services then time is a great benefit to open up dialogue with.


#4) “X Online Applications for [Market Sector] businesses”

There is huge demand from business professionals wanting to embrace cloud technologies to streamline their business. Your job as an accountant is to guide them through which online applications are most suitable for their needs and help set up the processes for them. Create a quick checklist of the top cloud accounting apps that are suitable for their market sector. Look into XERO App marketplace for inspiration.


#5) “##FirstName## Learn how one of our [Market Sector] clients saved thousands in tax in X months”

Case studies give potential clients the confidence to trust your accounting service by providing social proof. Infact, case studies are so effective that no other marketing content can offer as many benefits and B2B content marketers reported a 70% effectiveness rate for case studies in their campaigns.


#6) “Is this the most effective [Market Sector] bookkeeping process?”

Questions work well, they create intrigue which encourages the essential click to read more. Offer an end to end bookkeeping process that pre sells your services and sets you up as a sector specialist.


#7) “##FirstName##” Automate your [Market Sector] Accounts”

Personalised, sector specific, time saving and service selling.


#8) “##FirstName## DEADLINE IS TODAY for our [Free X on Market Sector] Tax”

Deadlines work. They have been proven to increase conversions because they set a time limit on specific tasks or actions. When used in your marketing you could offer  free accountancy consultations, white papers or seminars as time sensitive offers.


#10) “Update on Tax Policies for [Market Sector]”

Don’t have much time to prepare new content but want to keep your readers and potential clients engaged? Set up a Google Alert for tax updates on any specific market sector and share the results with your database.


#11) “##FirstName## Grants available for [Market Sectors]”

Almost all businesses will want to receive up to date information on available grants for their market sector. It’s your best source of free content that all your database will want to read. Leverage it!


#12) “Online Digital Audit For [Market Sector] Specialists”

Before you can help service a new client it is fundamentally important to establish what processes and procedures they have in place. Create a simple PDF that prospects can fill out to engage them and create a checklist of the services you can sell them when they become a client.


#13) “Business Development For [Market Sector]”

Accountants that streamline their clients bookkeeping free up their time to spend more business development time for their clients. This is a strong service proposition and one that should be exploited.


#14) “How much is your [Market Sector] business worth?”

Every business owner would love to know how much their business is worth. This is a great conversation starter that allows you to learn all about their business details to help you look for potential service offerings to win them as new clients.


#15) “Tax rebates available for [Market Sector] Businesses”

One of the best ways of getting that first appointment is to offer them a huge incentive. If you can help them learn about what tax rebates are available to them then you are starting the relationship on solid ground.


And finally….


#16) “##FirstName## can we meet?”

Never forget that the ideal outcome from any email you send is to organise a face to face meeting. Or at the very  least an online conference with your potential clients. After you have sent a few emails to your database then make sure to send a meeting request to them. Its blunt, straight to the point and effective. Don’t forget to include a beneficial reason why they should want to meet you in the body of the email.


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