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Build a Steady Stream of Cloud Accounting Clients in Under 30 Minutes a Day By Using This Twitter Strategy

Most Accountants are wasting their time on twitter if they think that they will be able to build up a loyal following of people that will actively engage and monitor their tax themed tweets with interest.

The best way to use Twitter is for prospecting for new clients first and then focusing on client updates and engagement second.

However even then there’s little point in spending time prospecting on Twitter unless you;

  • Know who you want to talk to
  • Have created something of interest to share
  • Identified a suitable service to offer

Offering generic accounting services to all and anybody who may happen to stumble upon your tweet is NOT a viable strategy.

This following simple 8 step process is a simple prospecting strategy that when set up (in under 3 hours) can be managed in under 30 minutes a day to source a steady stream of clients for your practice.

As a quick overview you will;

Stage 1) Fuel Up

  • Determine the ideal customer that you wish to win as a new client
  • Create a Twitter Magnet to help ease fellow Tweeters into your sales pipeline.
  • Prepare a ‘Copy and paste Twitter swipe file’ to quickly and easily have enough tweets to chirp throughout your campaign
  • Learn how to stay on top of your market with Googles Keyword Alert
  • Leave  ‘bread crumbs’ to attract your audience

Stage 2) Source Prospects

  • Set up simple alerts to monitor specific keywords
  • Find suitable Twitter accountants to target

Stage 3) Engage

  • Open up dialogue with suitable prospects them in a few clicks
  • Arrange a call and close them as clients.


Ready? Lets start…

Step 1) Fuel Up

Determine the ideal customer that you wish to win as a new client

To  identify who your ideal customer is;

  • Look at your current customer list
  • Look for a trend of business type in the top 20% who generated you the most amount of profit over the last year or so
  • Identify  the main sector that they are in

For example it may be online retailers, doctor surgeries, law firms or personal trainers.

For the purpose of this post I will use the sector example of Amazon sellers

Interestingly, Online retailers are  one of the best and growing markets that an online cloud accountants can target. You can read more about that here…

Create  A Twitter Magnet

Before you continue we understand that copy writing and marketing are generally not an accountant’s skill.  However by using this next simple trick you will save yourself countless hours of time and prepare a great Twitter Magnet to share with  potential clients and pre prepare enough things to tweet about to last your campaign.

Here’s how you do it…

As you are reading this post, the chances are that you are a cloud accountant so you will already be well versed in the various cloud accounting technologies /apps  and add ons that you can implement to service your ideal customers sector.

You use these apps for a reason, most likely they solve a specific problem in the accounting process.

It may be a configuration between various platforms or a way of streamlining a workflow to save you time.

Either way it’s a key benefit to the end user and therefore will solve a problem that non users of the app will face.

To establish your Twitter Magnet all you need to do is choose a preferred app that you already use that ideally services the specific sector you are going after.

It most likely will be a Xero add on.

Create a new Google Doc  or if you are still only using Microsoft Word that will have to do.



Save it as Twitter Magnet  For ‘Name of Sector.’

For a headline write down:

Our Cloud Accounting Solution For ‘Amazon Sellers’ or name of your sector

Or even better something more remarkable like

The Ultimate Accounting Solution For ‘Amazon Sellers’…

Head on over to your chosen apps sales page.

In this example I am going to use the sale page of the app  A2xAccounting which is a great Xero add on that helps amazon sellers automate the process of integrating their Amazon transactions with Xero.

Twitter-For-Accountants-a2xNext Copy and paste the main quote that they have written that sells their service.

For example:


“A2X gives Amazon merchants automated accounting by posting easy-to-reconcile summary invoices to Xero. Account for your Amazon revenue and expenses quickly and easily in a familiar, Xero-like way.”

Now edit it to be more suiting to a potential client

“We can help  you  manage your  Amazon  accounts by automating the posting of easy-to-reconcile summary invoices to a suitable online accounting app. So you can account for your Amazon revenue and expenses quickly and easily.”

Rinse and repeat this exercise 5 times.

Once you have completed the 5 quotes make sure to add any suitable images that you can find and also an opening Paragraph about your firm.

For example

“ABC Accounting Services have been helping online sellers manage their books for over 5 years.”

Followed by a closing paragraph with a clear call to action of what you want anyone reading the document  to do next.

For example…

Interested in learning how we can help you streamline your Amazon accountants? Then please call….

Or even better

“Click here for a free 1hr Skype consultation so we can explain how we can help you automate your online business more effectively”

Or even better better!

“Click here to download 7 Tax Saving Strategies For Amazon Sellers…”

and link them to an email opt in page to help build your database of interested parties.

Add your company branding to it.

Ideally make a front cover with the appropriate title and add a back cover

Don’t scrimp on time for this. Make it nice, send it to your design team… If you do not have one we can help do this for you.

 Please email to learn how we can be your digital design team.

Upload to the PDF to Google Drive so you can share it with people in a click … and you are all set.

Create Your Copy and Paste Twitter Swipe File

Before we start trying to engage potential online sellers on twitter, it’s fundamentally important to make sure that you leave a trail of bait to attract your target audience to your Twitter Magnet stored on Google Drive.

So open up a new Google doc Go back and save it as Bread Crumbs for Name of sector

Paste in the original 5 quotes that you found and revisit the apps web page again to copy and paste as many possible benefits of using their app that you can find.

Break them into short tweet like posts.

For example

Automate your Amazon sales + Link to PDF + #amazonsellers”

“Automatically fetches your Amazon settlements + Link to PDF + #amazonsellers”

Stay on top of your market with Google Keyword Alert

Head on over to Google Keyword Alert and make sure to enter in as many keywords that you can think about to do with the sector you are targeting. It takes just a few seconds to do but over the course of the next year or so will give you enough new updates and content to tweet about that you don’t even have to think!


Drop some bread crumbs

Choose 2 or 3 of your favorite message and tweet them over the next couple of hours. The goal here is that any new people that will follow you frm the next steps will see that

  • You understand their market
  • Will find your Twitter Magnet

Consider these twitter marketing stats for added effect:

  • Users are 26% more likely to retweet if the URL is in the middle of a Tweet
  • Tweets with images can increase click-through by 18%
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets than those without
  • Tweets with question marks receive 39-52% fewer clicks.
  • Tweets with “quotes” are 53% more likely to be retweeted
  • Tweets with 1 hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than those with 2

Once done your next task will be to source suitable prospects via Twitter.

Having your last few posts about their market will show up clearly when they visit your profile or get notification in their inbox that you have followed them.

You will also have some great tweets ready to send out over the next few weeks that your new followers will see.

Stage 2) Source Prospects

Set up simple alerts to monitor specific keywords

Open up your favourite twitter app like hootsuite or tweetdeck.

If you don’t have one yet TweetDeck offers a more convenient Twitter experience and you can set alerts to  stay on top of people tweeting  specific keywords or using  specific hashtags that’s relevant to your sector.


For example… I would look for and monitor people tweeting anything to do with phrases like

#AmazonSellers #amazonretail #amazon to xero help #tax advice for amazon sellers

When anyone tweets you will see it and can respond in a few clicks.

Another GREAT way to get alerts is to see if there is a suitable customer support Twitter account for their sector.

For example if I am targeting Amazon Sellers then tracking their Twitter support account will instantly show me people that sell on Amazon that are having problems. As soon as a tax related issue or accounting problem arises I can jump right in.

Monitoring Tweetdeck for just 5 or so minutes a day can help you identify lots of potential clients that you can engage with.

Find suitable Twitter accountants to target

Another simple strategy to source prospects is to look for governing bodies, trade organisations or  directory site Twitter accounts of your chosen market  and view their  followers  to find huge lists of people that may be suitable to follow

For example has over 1000 followers that are very likely to sell on Amazon…

Step 3) Engage

Open up dialogue with them in a few clicks

When you identify a suitable client simply follow them.

They will get alerted and then they will see your original tweets that you left earlier in your Twitter timeline linking them to value proposition.

As an added bonus they can get an email notification where your last tweets also show up.

This process can be automated and happen quickly! Try apps like Crowdfire.


Start a conversation

Make sure to wherever possible engage with them in a conversation… remember it’s always about them and not you.

If they are seeking advice help them, Identify their problems.

For people that follow you back…

Make sure to send them a personalised private message thanking them for the follow and sending them a link to your Value Proposition document.

Your goal is to start as many private messages as you can so nurture them over time.

Get them on the phone

Once you have followed them the links have been sent and you have had a short conversation with them always send a ‘would you like to talk to meet message’

You have to get them on the phone if you want to convert them as clients.

They already understand how you can help so you just need to turn the conversation from digital to a real face to face or phone conference.


Remember we said that in TweetDeck you can preload tweets to go out a specific times?

Now is the time to open up the google doc and preload all the tweets that you prepared earlier linking to the document.

Set one to go out every other day. We don’t want to bombard people with just links to  the content you made.

All your new Twitter followers will see good solid information in their stream.

Ideally you will be scanning TweetDeck daily looking for conversation starters with people.

And always tweet out interesting tips and advice about tax saving ideas in their sector.

Check your Google keyword alert that you setup earlier for instant content ideas to keep your Twitter post active on an ongoing basis.


To to summarise you have;

  • Identified the best person to target on Twitter
  • Created a Twitter Magnet that you can send to people through the Twitter network (Share on LinkedIn also)
  • Created a swipe file of suitable tweets to send out over the next few weeks
  • Set up a Google Alert to notify you via email of any breaking news on your market sector to send out over the next few months and years… (This can work for your blog posts too)
  • Set up a great way to monitor live tweets about your market
  • Followed countless people that are suitable prospects
  • Started conversations that can be quickly rekindled in a few clicks
  • Created a simple way to nurture people over a long time by just copying, pasting and auto scheduling

Final note: All in all it may sound complex but you can run this process in under 30 minutes a day once set up and not only source but engage with new prospects in seconds.