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1 Simple Tip To Help Your E-Commerce Clients Sell More

The way people shop is constantly evolving and these days mobile is a HUGE part of your e-Commerce client’s online shopping process.

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You can help your clients sell more by enhancing their mobile process by encouraging them  to tell their customers to activate One Touch™.

One Touch™ simplifies their customer’s checkout journey

By enabling your clients  customers to activate One Touch (a PayPal feature) their customers only need to log in once, then whenever they shop in the future, they won’t have to re-enter their login and billing information. They just click ‘buy’ and wait for the doorbell.

All Devices

Whether it’s a phone, tablet or desktop, they can help their clients to enable One TouchTM independently on each of their devices.

More secure

Customer login details are also heavily encrypted and they’ll still be covered by PayPal’s world-class fraud protection.

So here are three ways  that you can share with your clients to help make this happen

All you need to do is help redirect your clients customers to activate OneTouch with their PayPal account.

To do this you could recommend your clients to:

  • Email their customer database to the webpage.
  • Add a banner on their website that links to the webpage
  • Inform their chat agents if they have a live chat feature on their website
  • Update their Check Out F.A.Q Page

Here are a few extra tips to share with them when you do to improve their online sales:

  • Use buttons big enough to tap easily on a small touchscreen
  • Use a simple payment process that requires less data entry
  • Fewer steps during checkout means lower abandoned cart rates
  • Enable a mobile friendly E-Commerce theme to their website
  • Look into online advertising specifically on mobile devices. This would mean targeting users of mobile apps as opposed to desktop advertising
  • Display a voucher code for first time mobile shoppers
  • Use SMS to update existing customers of new products

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