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5 Facebook Ad Campaigns To Win New Cloud Accounting Clients

Why Cloud Accountants should use Facebook Ads

One of the most effective methods to win new clients is Facebook Advertising. It’s fast, it’s scaleable and it certainly won’t break the bank.

However many accountants only try to  engage potential prospects with typical activities such as creating Facebook pages or trying to engage them in popular Facebook groups.

Very few seem to embrace the speed and efficiency of developing a healthy Facebook advertising campaign that can turn a click in to a customer and then be scaled up over night to meet your business growth needs.

So here are 5 Facebook campaigns that cloud accountants can try.

#1: Adventure

5-Facebook-Ad-Ideas-For-Cloud-Accountants-AdventureHere is what makes this Ad Great!
• It’s visual. The ad will stand out on their profile page
• It makes them think. A Spirit of adventure applies to most people, certainly those running their own business.
• It offers a step by step guide as a call to action. People love simplicity when learning new things.

#2: Finance

5-Facebook-Ad-Ideas-For-Cloud-Accountants-TaxHere is what makes this Ad Great!
• It’s visual. Reds are proven to stand out in social media
• It makes them think. Everyone has something that they want to buy… if only they could save enough
• Tax saving ideas is a clear call to action that almost all people will be interested in

#3: The Dream

5-Facebook-Ad-Ideas-For-Cloud-Accountants-SurfHere is what makes this Ad Great!

• It’s visual. Dynamic ads work best
• It sells a dream. Who doesn’t want to go on a dream holiday… even if they don’t surf
• Case studies are great for lead magnets as they are easy to create and offer social proof from people already using your services

#4: Family

5-Facebook-Ad-Ideas-For-Cloud-Accountants-FamilyHere is what makes this Ad Great!

• Babies,babies babies plus great angles and offering the greatest gift of all. more time with their loved ones
• Social proof from existing clients and a reminder of why to click
• A simple ad but with all the elements (Reminds me to test an ad campaign comparing babies vs kittens!)

#5: Escape


Here is what makes this Ad Great!

• It’s visual. Split ads make people want to read more
• It takes a reader from a cluttered mind to a happy place. Dealing with receipts or going to the beach?
• It contains a clear call to action with a sentence that sells


Final note

Xero recently quoted it’s Digital or Die for accountancy practices, don’t just digitalise your practice technology – digitalise your marketing too. If you need help or support with setting up a Facebook ad campaign or want to learn more about other digital based lead generation activities then contact us or call 01392 247207