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Looking for a new Accounting role? 7 Steps to Becoming your Own Recruiter WITH EASE

7 Steps to Becoming your Own Recruiter WITH EASE
The time of standing on the career escalator and being carried slowly to the top is over. You can’t rely on anyone to manage your career for you. That was the old world of work.

In the new world of work, you must take responsibility for your own progression and your employer expects this (if you are employed). You should be managing your career ALL the time, not just when you are actively looking for a job, because you never know what is just around the corner. Whether that’s your own business folding or a company restructure or redundancy.

You should be constantly building your network and scanning the market for new opportunities. Ready to face the unexpected.

What if there was an easy way to do this?

Here are 7 steps to navigating the modern work environment with ease:

1. Don’t bother with recruiters
When you’re actively looking for a job, you may be lucky enough to quickly come across a recruiter that has exactly what you’re looking for. Chances are that you may have to wait a while, ring round a few recruitment companies. The waiting around process may begin to drive you mad and demotivate you, but you may not have found that many other appealing job searching options.

2. Get proactive
Build your network all the time. It’s an invaluable tool to manage your own career. Be ever ready, ever vigilant. The easiest and quickest way for you to develop your network is ONLINE.
The world has evolved so that now you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your armchair. The general social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, are a great way to get yourself noticed. Be active, publish articles, write inciteful comments.

ProCircle is a niche networking platform for accounting and tax professionals to match with potentially suitable employers (or just to join the community, blog and generally keep an eye on what opportunities are out there).

3. Cloud is new, recruiting is old
In with the new – it’s all about the cloud. The Cloud is a great way of keeping you connected. It also allows you more flexibility in the way you work – whether you’re self-employed or whether you want to ask your employer about remote and flexible working options.

You want a career solution that fits in with this new direction that the accounting world is moving in. Ask yourself if your recruitment contacts will move with the times and understand you?

4. ProCircle sets you up as the recruiter and means you can be hands on
ProCircle allows you to be your own recruiter and take back control of your career. But with minimal effort on your part (unless of course, you would like to take a more pro-active approach).
The system assesses your skills, experience and personality and matches you up with suitable employers, who are looking for people like you.
All you have to do is…

5. Create a profile and include CV (if you wish)
Whether you’re actively looking for a job, or just want to make valuable connections, you create a profile that tells us about you and your experience. You have the option to also include a CV, but the profile is enough to become active in the community and start matching with suitable employers.

6. Personality and Fit
Most people would rather work in an organisation where their personality and working style fits in well. After all, we spend a huge proportion of our life at work and colleagues are a huge part of our work experience.

That’s why all candidates must complete a personality questionnaire to publish their profile. Yes, it takes 10 mins longer, but it helps you get better matches (therefore saving you time later down the line).

7. Approach firms and ask them to connect via ProCircle
If you don’t want to sit back and wait for matches with employers, we will also be adding a search feature in 2018, for you to proactively search employers on the platform and send match requests.
ProCircle is FREE for professionals to join. Sign up today.