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Looking for the perfect fit for your team? Here’s how you can do it WITH EASE

We are in the age of proliferation of the ‘matching’ network. Each one promising to turn the agency model on its head. The model is usually to cut out the middle man (the recruiter). But can this model really be effective in the white collar professional arena?

For most time-strapped companies, recruiters are a necessary evil, let’s face it. To find the right person quickly.

What a great recruiter does well

Let’s not forget that there is real value in recruitment, if done well. I have been lucky enough to work with some great recruiters.

Here is what a great recruiter should be doing to earn their fees in the words of recruitment guru Greg Savage:

• Identifying candidates who are not looking, but who will fit a hard-to-find skill set.
• Approaching, enticing, seducing, and bringing those candidates to the hiring table.
• Managing the hiring process, negotiating terms, finessing the brief, handling the counter-offer, assisting with on-boarding.

“There simply is no technology yet, that makes any discernible inroad on replacing these key ‘human’ recruiting skills.”

The point is if all recruiters did those 3 things, they would be adding value. The problem is too many don’t do that.

So, what if an online platform could do it better?

A matching algorithm is not enough

Let’s face it, an algorithm by itself is not enough. AI by itself is simply not the point.

The matching process offered by ProCircle is not to replace humans but simply speed up the process.

Facilitate recruitment. Offer employers control and access to great candidates (those that are not actively looking as well), without them having to do a lot of work to find them.

It will only take about 20-30 mins to set up your profile – longer than ringing a recruiter maybe, but after the initial time investment, you just need to review a small number of suitable matches.

We ask all our candidates to complete a Personality Questionnaire

Skills and qualifications are not enough for you to determine if someone is a good fit for your team. If someone is not the ‘best fit’ for a company, it doesn’t really matter that they look good on paper. Either they won’t get through the interview process or they won’t stay long if hired. It offers employers an extra degree of comfort.

£4.1bn a year is wasted on bad hires and 48% of those will leave within a year.

ProCircle makes it easier to not just identify the right candidates but to recruit them. We offer ‘humanised automation’.

A Community

I want to humanise the process by building a private community, that those who are actively seeking work, as well as those not actively looking want to join. Most people are at least open to a conversation for the right opportunity. ProCircle is a place for people to meet and get noticed, and talk one on one if they’re a match.

The Future

ProCircle is working towards a full end to end solution for employers, in addition to the matching technology – so employers can manage the whole process through the platform – from sourcing relevant candidates, custom automated messaging, setting up appointments, video/text chats and template paperwork.

That’s why feedback is so important to me – I want to build something of real value. ProCircle is a human company.

The Big Picture is: highly sophisticated technology facilitating conversations and interactions with the right people, leading to better recruiting decisions.

Be one of the first to join our community. For more information and to claim your discount code allowing you 3 months FREE, visit https://www.procircle.co/signup/employer-register