Here’s How To Generate More Leads With Bigger Budgets For Your Accountancy Practice

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“Here’s how you can generate MORE leads with BIGGER budgets for your accountancy practice. Even if your busy running your own business.”

FACT: Companies who use SOCIAL PROSPECTING to generate leads for their business see a 66% greater quota attainment than those who just use traditional prospecting techniques

And… customers who have been found through social sites have on average an 84% larger budget than those who don’t.

Which means that you can get MORE leads for your accountancy services with BIGGER budgets to spend

So how does social prospecting work?

It’s a little different from social media marketing so it does DOES NOT MEAN you need to spend several hours a day, creating content and trying to build up your followers.

Instead It’s about scanning the social web, identifying potential prospects, engaging them through powerful direct messaging. And finally when the opportunity is right, getting them onto a sales call.

And that’s where we come in. We can do this all for you.

We speak over the phone to identify which types of business you want to target and the best ways to reach them.

We then connect with lots of potential businesses for you, sending pre approved messages on your behal.

As soon as they show intent we then help book you a call so you can convert them into clients.

  • Its online lead generation without the hassle.
  • You don’t need to spend hours in front of the computer and you don’t need to constantly monitor your inbox.
  • You can sit back, relax knowing that everyday people are busy working on your behalf generating you new leads.

With Virtual Lead generation you get the perfect lead, delivered to your inbox or straight into your calendar.

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