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Here’s 5 reasons why you should not use aggregated content for your accountancy website. EVER

By September 11, 2018 No Comments

Many of the clients we work with often believe that the quick fix of buying content rich websites for their accountancy practice is a good idea.

After all they are cheap, they make the practice look knowledgeable with a plethora of content on set topics, and the handy selection of tax calculators, factsheets and resources must be useful for their clients…



Here is the reality.

#1 Over time you will spend more than you ever would by investing in your own website. £100 or so a month may sound good value for money but that is still £1,200 a year, every year.

#2 The content provided doesn’t help you stand out from your competition. In fact quite the opposite. You become exactly the same as your competition, because they’re all using the same set-topic content; you lose all uniqueness in this respect.

#3 The content doesn’t help you target specific sectors; it’s just generic content with generic titles to try and catch as many people as possible. Targeting specific sectors is the best way to win new business online.

#4 This generic content actually makes it harder for you to show up in Google, as you are in direct violation of their duplicate content penalty. So something which you thought would help you, might in fact be hindering your search engine placement.

#5 And for the accountants out there that think its a good idea to wire up your content with your social media streams… well it just makes your clients stream look like this…

content-for-accountantsThe bottom line is this: If you are serious about scaling your client base and winning new work then you need:

  1. A solid website that converts cold leads into sales calls. Read these 5 simple ways to optimise your accountancy website to generate leads
  2. A proven approach to generate traffic to your website.
  3. Sector based pages to help increase your authority in the markets you are going after. Read  How We Generated 80,000 New Business Meetings For Accountants

If you are looking to develop a proper website for your practice, a better brand for your business and an actual working lead generation for your firm then contact us today.