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Putting Gem on the spot at Spotlight Reporting

If, on a daily basis you’re acting as a Virtual CFO, making reports, strategic planning, goal-setting, budgeting and forecasting then you should definitely look into Spotlight reporting.

Essentially, Spotlight Reporting helps accountants with integrated reporting and forecasting that allows you to create insights to inform better business outcomes.

To help you understand how it can help your business, we managed to track down Gemma who is a Customer Success Specialist based in NZ to explain a little about Spotlight and her role.

spotlight-reportingWhat is Spotlight Reporting?

Spotlight Reporting is a Global, Multi Award Winning Business Intelligence software designed by Accountants for Accountants.

We offer a reporting and forecasting tool that creates insight to create better outcomes.
We featured on the NBR Radar list for 2018 and have been selected as 1 of 25 businesses likely to be a significant contributor to NZ’s future business and economic success. https://hubs.ly/H0gcrj50

How does it benefit your clients?

Spotlight reporting acts as a platform to turn your typical Accountant from a service provider to a trusted advisor. It does this by empowering accountants through stimulating the conversations needed to build that trust. Any Accountant wanting to improve their relationship with their client, offer much needed advisory services or, like me, have a real passion for seeing business thrive would benefit from having Spotlight Reporting in their toolbelt!

Having our software helps our clients grow their revenue through monetisation of value add services and at the same time helping their clients succeed.

What is your role at Spotlight Reporting?

I’m a Customer Success Specialist based in NZ but I work closely with other Customer Success Specialists around the world.

Once our sales team have signed a customer up on one of our Super VCFO plans, they’ll then introduce you to a Customer Success Specialist, like myself.

We work with the Accountant to establish what we call a ‘Kick-Start Plan’ where we identify where you are at right now, where you want to be in a 1 year and help you set a strategy to achieve these goals.

Plus, we organise training in the product and help you along the way with any obstacles, feedback, resistance. We have regular strategic reviews and check ins to ensure you are remembering your goal – we are your accountability partner.

What do I enjoy most about it?

The relationships! I am fortunate enough to work alongside some very passionate forward-thinking Accountants and I love hearing about their successes. Equally, I like the challenge of helping those that might be struggling with time, change management, pricing or whatever reason and helping them establish an action plan. I love problem solving.

Also, we have a really great team at Spotlight, and a CEO with an amazing vision that aligns with my own core beliefs – which is refreshing!

Why should accountants use Spotlight?

We work with progressive accountants, who recognise that the accounting industry has slowly been changing since the introduction of the cloud and are aware that their clients want more than must do compliance work.
We also help Accountants transition to the advisory pathway to assist them in becoming trusted advisors.

It is not just a subscription you are getting but an accountability partner, a wealth of knowledge and training (8 week transform program, certification, 1 on 1 training sessions) and access to resources (from marketing and sales to change management).

spotlight reportingWhen you are not at work, what are you usually up to?

I am a solo mother of two girls, 10 and 16 so I love spending my spare time with them either going out on adventures or staying in and watching movies. I study, I wanted to be a professional student, but the pay wasn’t quite up there 🙂 I have qualifications in Psychology, Accounting and I am currently studying Management. I like to write and sing as well.


So if you think that Spotlight Reporting sounds a good fit for your business then visit them here: Spotlight Reporting 

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